Friday, February 6, 2009

Anton Breton Violin

This is a Anton Breton Violin that is like new. Some beginner instruments are so poorly made, you would have to be an expert player to be able to play it or even get a pleasing sound out of it. Don't fall into that trap.

The life span of a violin family instrument directly correlates to how well it is taken care of. The daily ritual of cleaning and the proper storage of an instrument are crucial to its longevity and playability. Always wipe down an instrument's strings with a soft, dry cloth after it is played. There will be rosin from the bow left on the strings and rosin dust underneath the strings on the body.
Humidity and temperature are arch-enemies of violins. A good balance between the two is important for good violin health. Dry weather might casue cracking in the wood and finish whereas extreme humidity and heat could cause the varnish to bubble.

Violins are much more sensitive than other stringed instruments and as such they need a bit more attentive care. We recommend polishing a violin not more than once or twice a year. Polishing the violin will only help it to look better; it will not enhance the playability or sound. We are asking $199.00 for this Anton Breton Violin. Call to make sure we still have it.

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