Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Choose a Porter Cable Air Compressor?

This Porter Cable compressor
is available at Forest Lake
Mr. Pawn.

There are several styles of Porter Cable Air Compressors available now. The Porter Cable Air Compressor brand of items is manufactured by Porter-Cable - a company that has been in business since 1906. The Porter Cable Air Compressors are affiliated with the Porta-Cable line of movable power tools for use in carpentry. Porta-Cable makes its products in Jackson, Tennessee, along with sister company Delta. Porter-Cable and Delta joined forces in the year 1960, but they give widely varied items.

One such example is the 25 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor Portable 60 Gallon Tank 175 PSI. This product has a 175 PSI - 60 gallon equivalent tank size. Its high capacity air regulator has a starting PSI of 145, which tops out at 175 PSI. This product has the highest level of moderate-to-heavy use and off and on tool operation in its category. It has an oil-free design that is at once durable and low maintenance. It includes a direct-drive twin cylinder. Its 120 volt induction and robust torque motor offers trusty starting function, as well.

Another of the Porter Cable Air Compressor models you should consider is the 20 Gallon Air Compressor 5.1 CFM @ 90 PSI model. This Porter Cable Air Compressor offers a 175 PSI - 49 gallon equivalent tank size. Its high-flow air regulator begins at 145 PSI and culminates at 175 PSI. This Porter Cable Air Compressor is built to match the strictest standards of moderate-to-heavy duty and intermittent tool operation in its product category. Trustworthy starting can be attained by its 120 volt induction and high torque engine. Its '4 Pole' 1725 RPM motor promises an extended operational life and brings down the level of noise emission. You gain remote air regulation plus control in the surrounding work area of the job site because of the remote 'quadraport' station. This product also includes a high-flow regulator and 4 quick connect bodies.
The last Porter Cable Air Compressor model on this list is called the Oil Free Induction Side Stack Compressor. This device has 6.0 SCFM that enables its 4.3 gallon tank to recharge faster. A longer tool run-time can be gained through the 150 PSI Max. 120 PSI cut-in pressure offers 30 PSI 'Bonus Air' prior to making a 90 PSI tool totally inoperable. Its 1.6 running HP induction engine was designed for lengthy use. It also comes with push to connect couplers, a High-FloSM air regulator, and an oil-free pump that will not cause oil spills; the pump needs absolutely no maintenance.

Mikael Dinar writes for an online project educating consumers about air compressors and their uses. His website is a great resource for reviews of various brands such as Porter Cable air compressors, Delta & more.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Use a Coleman 5000w Generator During Power Outages

This is probably what you've been looking for, the portable Coleman 5000w generator that is perfect for home or light construction, equipped with an over head valve engine that provides improved fuel efficiency, longer life easier maintenance, and less noise.

The Coleman 5000w generator is great for backup power at home or on the job site. It has a lot of features including the five gallon tank that provides up to a five hour run time at 50 percent load with low oil shutdown that protects the engine from damage and pneumatic wheels with solid axle for greater mobility. Two 120 volt outlets, one 120/240 volt twist lock outlet, and circuit breaker protection. A smart sensor prevents the engine from starting without adequate oil.

It also provides an easy start engine with run/stop switch for added convenience to the user. There is also one tubular steel frame surround unit that protects it from damages. And it also has a wheel and handle kit for maximum portability.

The power of Coleman 5000 watt generator is enough to run most critical appliances in your house. This is not a heavy use generator nor is it extremely economical on gas; it is great for a couple of hours of use, but it does provide the convenience of having electricity on power outages.

It will enable you to have satisfaction in your daily life and to ensure that you will not be left in the dark when power outages happen in your area. And for you not to be left hanging with what is necessary to have power, let the Coleman 5000 watt light your life.

Another Coleman generator that is popular is the Coleman Powermate premium plus 5000 generator, plus learn about the benefits of Coleman portable emergency generators.

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We have a Coleman Powermate generator at Mr. Pawn in Forest Lake that is 6250 maximum watts. Just think you would have no worry about losing the food in your freezer if you had a power outage.

Friday, April 3, 2009

5 pc. Pacific Drum Set

Choosing Your First Drum Kit

Choosing your first drum kit can be a daunting prospect. Maybe you have visions of having a fully featured kit with drums of all sizes and all kinds arrayed before you while you sit in the middle thumping out a beat. It can be like that, but for most people the first kit is usually a lot more modest.

The basic kit of drums usually consists of a standard 4-piece set up. This is dominated by a large 22 inch bass drum. In front of that there will be a 14 inch snare drum. Two tom-tom drums will accompany the set up: a 16 inch floor tom and a 12 inch rack tom. As well as the drums there is usually a crash cymbal and a hi-hat to round off the basic set up.

Most bands today have a more elaborate drum set up than the standard basic one. However, that is because the drummer is a professional who has learned how to play drums the hard way - through many years of hard gruelling practice.

When it comes to choosing your first drum kit the best advice is to keep it simple. Don't assume that in buying the fanciest and flashiest kit there is you will automatically become a great drummer. You might, but then again, you might not. It is best to buy the level and quality of drum kit that is as good as your playing is.

There are several reasons for doing this. One, if you discover that you don't have a particular aptitude for drumming, then you won't have wasted too much money, and two, you can grow your drum kit along with your level of expertise. In other words, as you get better you can upgrade to better drum equipment.

There is the question of which make of drumming equipment you should purchase. Should it be Mapex, Ludwig, Pacific or Pearl? Or should it be something more modest? Probably the best advice is to buy a kit that is cheap and simple. Also, try to get a kit where each component is made by the same manufacturer.

If every piece is made by a different company, there could be basic incompatibility problems. However, a fairly cheap and simple set made by some obscure manufacturer can be the best choice for a first drum kit. Use this set to practice, practice and practice. When you can afford it, and more importantly, when you think you are really ready, then upgrade to a better drum set up.

Another mistake that potential drummers make is to try and assemble as many pieces as possible. They see themselves surrounded by multiple toms and a dizzying array of cymbals and hi-hats, cow bells and octobans. Don't do it. It's a simple fact that if it's there asking to be hit, you will hit it regardless of whether or not it's a good idea.

Less is more in the case of your first drum set up. Learn the ropes first. Get your feet wet with a minimal kit, practice hard and become proficient, and then progress on to higher and bigger things. It's a musical journey, enjoy it!

David A Robinson
Specialist advice on all aspects of buying drum kits.

David A Robinson - EzineArticles Expert Author

This 5 piece Pacific CX Series drum set is in great shape. It has 4 Sabian symbols, 2-20 in. ride, 1-16 in. crash, 1-14 in. hi-hat, 2-12 in wuhan symbols, 5 piece percussion, and a double base pedal. Hard case for all the hardware, and soft cases for the rest of set. Call us to make sure this Pacific Drum set is still available. 651-464-7380 ask for Roy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lincoln Weld-Pak 100 Wire Feed Welder

Here is a very nice used Lincoln Weld Pak 100 mig welder. It is a 110 volt wire feed welder that does not require argon gas. It is a good little welder. It is in good operating order & clean to.

The Lincoln Weld Pak series of welders is an excellent choice. These welders are versatile, dependable and a great value.

With a Lincoln Weld Pak you will be welding in no time with gasless, flux-cored wire on light gauge mild steel.

• Welds flux-cored wire. Upgrades to MIG.
• Gun trigger safety feature keeps welding wire electrically “cold” until trigger is pressed.
• Compact, portable, lightweight and easy-to-use.
• Welding of virtually any light gauge, mild steel material is easy with this welder. Many metal items around the farm or workshop are made of mild steel and are easily welded with the Weld-Pak.
• It’s quick and easy to upgrade the Weld-Pak for MIG welding. To MIG weld mild steel or stainless steel, install the K610-1 MIG Conversion Kit. To weld aluminum, install the K610-1 and K664-2 Aluminum Welding Kit.
• Welder settings reference chart is conveniently located inside wire feed section door to make it easy to set the Weld Pak for mild steel welding jobs.
• Fan-cooled for long life expectancy.

Lincoln Electric’s Weld-Pak series of welders are easy-to-use, lightweight, compact bundles of welding power that’s also a terrific value! The Weld-Pak is a great choice for flux-cored welding on mild steel and comes complete with everything you’ll
need to start tackling those important repair jobs around your home, farm, or hobby shop.

This is available at Mr. Pawn in Forest Lake Minnesota.

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Can Find Great Bargains at Pawn Shops

If you have experienced wanting to purchase something but it just wasn't in your budget to do so. One place to find great bargains on items you want buy without spending a fortune is your local pawn shops.

Your local pawn shops is a place where individual can take their items and exchange them for money. They have a set period of time that the items will be kept. They have to repay the amount they got for the items along with a percentage that varies by state and local regulations.

If an individual takes their items to a pawn shop and doesn't return to pick them up by that deadline, then the owner of the pawnshop has the legal right to sell the items to the public. Since the items in any given pawnshop will vary at any given time, you will want to frequent them often.

Some of the more common items found in any pawn shop include jewelry, tools, televisions, VCR's, DVD players, video game consoles and games, furniture, cameras, stereos and music. If you are looking for a specific item you can let the owner of the pawn shop know. Most of them are kind enough to give you a call should that particular item fall into their hands for resale.

The majority of items found in a pawn shop are in very good condition. Most of the individuals who take their items into a pawn shop are desperate for money so they trade in items they generally would have been using for the cash they need. While many people do return to pick up their items, there is a high percent that just don't have the money to do so. Others have no intention from the moment they step into the pawn shop to return to pick up the items they brought in.

Pawn shop owners have a legal obligation to get information from individuals who bring items in. This is to verify who they are and to track them down should the items they brought in be stolen goods. For the most part you won't have any trouble with the items you purchase from a pawn shop. Many of them also ask for the name and contact information of anyone who buys items just in case any issues do arise.

Should you be interested in purchasing a firearm from a pawn shop you need to be prepared to complete the same paperwork and process as you would to purchase a new gun. Most states have a mandatory waiting period for purchasing guns, and any pawn shop that sells them has to follow the same rules.

Regardless of what you are looking for, don't forget to take a look at what is for sale at your local pawn shops. You will be amazed at the bargains you find there. Most of them have a very good selection of items that changes frequently. You will also save plenty of money buying these items over the retail cost of them. You do need to carefully inspect all items though because I don't know of any pawn shops that offer any kind of warranty of the items they sell.

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