Friday, April 17, 2009

Use a Coleman 5000w Generator During Power Outages

This is probably what you've been looking for, the portable Coleman 5000w generator that is perfect for home or light construction, equipped with an over head valve engine that provides improved fuel efficiency, longer life easier maintenance, and less noise.

The Coleman 5000w generator is great for backup power at home or on the job site. It has a lot of features including the five gallon tank that provides up to a five hour run time at 50 percent load with low oil shutdown that protects the engine from damage and pneumatic wheels with solid axle for greater mobility. Two 120 volt outlets, one 120/240 volt twist lock outlet, and circuit breaker protection. A smart sensor prevents the engine from starting without adequate oil.

It also provides an easy start engine with run/stop switch for added convenience to the user. There is also one tubular steel frame surround unit that protects it from damages. And it also has a wheel and handle kit for maximum portability.

The power of Coleman 5000 watt generator is enough to run most critical appliances in your house. This is not a heavy use generator nor is it extremely economical on gas; it is great for a couple of hours of use, but it does provide the convenience of having electricity on power outages.

It will enable you to have satisfaction in your daily life and to ensure that you will not be left in the dark when power outages happen in your area. And for you not to be left hanging with what is necessary to have power, let the Coleman 5000 watt light your life.

Another Coleman generator that is popular is the Coleman Powermate premium plus 5000 generator, plus learn about the benefits of Coleman portable emergency generators.

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We have a Coleman Powermate generator at Mr. Pawn in Forest Lake that is 6250 maximum watts. Just think you would have no worry about losing the food in your freezer if you had a power outage.


  1. I have been looking for a generator to get my husband for his camping trips, but they are all pretty pricey. The one thing I have not done yet though, is go to a pawn shop and compare prices. I am hoping to find what I need for a cheaper price if I can help it.
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